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XXNX[1] Foreplay Skills

A good relationship with a loving partner definitely makes life worth living. Whether you are married, divorced or single, there is no doubt that you have discovered that sex is a very important element in finding and maintaining a healthy and joyful love life.

XXNX[2] Different places to have sex
It's time to be adventurous! You need marriage help because your relationship with your spouse is falling apart. The root of your problem: sex. It's either there's too little sex or it's not as good as it were before. But don't worry, your dilemma may not be as serious as you think.

XXNX[3]. Understanding Women
You’ll be surprised by how many men out there don’t understand the basic thinking of women. Admittedly, it’s very hard to crack that code. Even Sigmund Freud had a hard time in understanding women. It’s mysterious but there’s a pattern and after years of going out on the field, meeting and dating women you do begin to see a pattern.

XXNX[4]. Surefire ways to seduce

For us men, finding or attracting a date has always been a challenge, no matter what your background or history.A question I hear being asked so many times is, "how do I find the way to successfully seduce a woman?" Let me tell you that there a number of very effective ways you can go about this.Guys, we always think we should know what a woman wants, right?

XXNX[5]. Secrets to talk a woman

A large number of guys wonder tips on how to talk to be able to women and what to say to be able to women, but it may not be really because complicated because we help it become. In point, it's really pretty easy to understand what to convey to women should you follow a straightforward blueprint.

XXNX[6]. Tips to get your woman

Adult men often misunderstand how girls award points thus to their man from a relationship. They reckon that to seriously show simply how much they nurture and love their mate they have to do a thing really extravagant but bit of do they are aware that women pay quite as much importance towards little things one does for them

XXNX[7]. Tips on how to satisfy your woman

If you've been settling for half attractive, boring women who don't really fit your idea of beautiful or sexy, it's time to take some tips on talking to women. You shouldn't have to settle for women you aren't attracted to or don't find interesting and fun. Yet, that may be what you have been settling for because you don't know how to effectively attract, approach, and seduce women.No more of that!

XXNX[8]. Tips on making her happy

We all love to be in a relationship and aside from the usual little arguments and eventual fights, having someone you call your girlfriend or boyfriend sure is a perfect feeling.

XXNX[9]. Tips on going longer in bed

Are you one of those men who tend to ejaculate a little early in the game? Do you want to improve your stamina and endurance in the bedroom? Are you looking for tips on how you can become a better lover? If you're sick and tired of hearing complaints from your sexual partner, then it's time that you start taking the matter into your own hands.

XXNX[10]. Tips on your first date

A first date is always a bit intimidating. Unless you have thought ahead and asked about favorite activities, or agreed on a place for dinner, where do you start when planning the perfect date?Remember that the reason for a first date is to get to know a little about the person that you are interested in.

XXNX[11]. Tips on finding the right girl

If you thought that finding the right girl was an easy and straightforward task, you had better get your head examined. You might be thinking that some people are plain lucky to be in the company of so many beautiful girls, while you are trying for solutions on how to find the right girl for you.

XXNX[12]. Tips on dressing for success

Have you been unfairly judged or ignored because you wore jeans to a work interview? Do you notice people looking at you at social events simply because of the way you dressed? These people are checking you out either in a positive or negative way. It is vitally important that you dress to impress people!

XXNX[13]. Tips on approaching women

Most men believe that only the gifted ones can perfect the art of approaching women flawlessly since it is a part of their natural makeup. But contrary to this belief, did you even know that the art of approaching women can be learned too even if you do not have it naturally in you?

XXNX[14].Tips on how to last longer in bed

The real secret is out! Last longer in bed, take a drug and expand your size, use this cream and go all night and whatever else on and offline marketers can think of. The one thing all of these easy quick bake solutions lack is passion.

XXNX[15]. The Four Phases of Attraction and Seduction

1. The Opener – the minute you actually approached her and talked to her.
2. The Attraction Phase – building attraction, this is where you get her interested in you.

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